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Having a garage sale. Email us and we will post it here the same day.


  • Only 1 or 2 sales per residence each year
  • No taping or posting signs to light poles
  • Retrieve your signs at the end of the sale


Yard and Garage Sales:

Garage / yard / estate sales area part of everyday life, however, only GAP resident signs should be mounted in designated areas:

1. Airline Drive Entrance - ONLY post signs at beginning end of the grassy island behind the main landscaped island (avoid plant beds). Sprinkler system is located in the ground to water landscape / plant bed areas and signs posted in these areas have broken these lines in past causing additional expense for repairs.

2. Benton Drive Entrance– ONLY post signs in the second grassy island after Oak Wood intersection.

Signs posted in areas other than those mentioned above are subject to removal.

We ask that you please retrieve your sign immediately after the event. Abandoned signs will be removed by the Association so they do not become eyesores and trash along the blvd. Absolutely no commercial, advertising or political signs are to be posted in the common areas!


Want to list something? Email us and we will post it the same day. All adds will run for 10 days.  Email us at   webmaster@greenacresplace.org





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